July 2012

Stableford at Wallasey

July 18, 2012
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In 1930 Bobby Jones won the qualification tournament for the British Open at Wallasey by shooting a 77. He won The Claret Jug at Royal Liverpool. He won the Grand Slam. As usual this week the members give us a serious warning about the rough before we go out. A tough opening stretch among the […]

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Finding Religion at Hoylake

July 17, 2012
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Wirral. Hoylake. Royal Liverpool. Just as we have all week, we are warned about the rough by the members, the Club starter and the neighbouring pro. The grass is high. Wonderfully high. It’s like having the rolling sea around us as we make our way to the 2nd hole. We see some flags sticking up […]

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Conwy – Return Ticket, Please

July 16, 2012
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We head off to Wales to play Conwy, which was founded by a number of members from Royal Liverpool in 1890. We wait for our tee-off time in the bar while it pours down outside. One after the other the members come in after the 10th hole and pronounce judgement on the day’s indescribable weather.   […]

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Birkdale with the Pros

July 15, 2012
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“The rough is the worst for 30 years,” we hear on the putting green. At the same time Bubba Watson and Jeff Ogilvy drive off from the 1st – a friendly practice round before the Open. An hour later it’s time for LINKS75. “Are you Bill Haas?”. We look dumbfounded when his caddie for the […]

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Leasowe as a Starter

July 14, 2012
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We begin with True Links. Leasowe – neighbour to Wallasay. Already at 11 am, the first members begin to register scores from the day’s round. We seek good advice – “Keep away from the rough”. Advice that proves to be more accurate than expected. The bartender tells us that it has been raining for months […]

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Royal Belgian

July 10, 2012
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With the English Channel as a backdrop we head for Belgium’s only links course. King Leopald, at the end of the 1800s, wanted to attract English tourists and hired Seymour Dunn to design Royal Ostend. The course is immersed in history. Twice the club house has burnt to the ground and the course has been […]

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