Share our experiences. Personal, subjective and informative.
Personal observations over anticipated links experiences, informative course histories and subjective assessments, accompanied by photographs.
As we allow the links experience to sink in over a pint of ale we discuss the following:

It should have high elasticity over summer and winter, in rain or sun, and the ball should lie on top and travel smoothly over the contours.
Marker Posts:
None, some or many marker posts. We like them when they are different or sometimes holes that have two – delight!
There should be the taste of salt on ones lips. The sea should gently caress the course, but the beast should be heard when it blows, and fire ones imagination.
There should always be a sense of history and members with tweed jackets. Obviously a Sunday roast lunch should be served.
Smells of coconut and blooms yellow in the spring, remove it as a weed in autumn, and makes us swear like Captain Haddock himself.
Are to be sodded, broad and deep, and punishing. Take your medicine and move on.

Some courses should even contain a “HEART” for a warm and intense links love.
Put all these together and you have the LINKS75 feeling.